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The Wilhelmshaven World War II bombings by the Allies of World War II destroyed two thirds of the port's buildings.[citation needed] From spring 1943 until November 1943 slave labourers of the SS-Baubrigade II from the Neuengamme camp were transferred to Wilhelmshaven to clear up after air raids.[1]

Wilhelmshaven World War II bombings
Date Mission
September 4, 1939 RAF roundel.svg Unsuccessful RAF bombing of Wilhelmshaven[2]
December 18, 1939 RAF roundel.svg Battle of the Heligoland Bight. The first combat success of radar used a German "experimental Freya radar" to detect unescorted RAF bombers approaching the German Bight en route to Wilhelmshaven. As the bombers approached their targets, they were ordered not to attack so as to avoid civilian casualties. German fighters inflicted heavy casualties on them as they headed home.[2]
December 28/29, 1941 RAF roundel.svg 217 RAF sorties bombed (Wilhelmshaven, Hüls, and Emden were the main targets).[3]
January 27, 1943 Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png The first World War II US mission flown against the German homeland bombed warehouses and industrial plants at Wilhelmshaven. This, the first USAAF daylight bombing raid over Germany, was flown by elements of the 369th Bomber Squadron (H) of the 306th Bomber Group (H).[4]
February 26, 1943 Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png On a Wilhelmshaven bombing mission, footage for the documentary film Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress was filmed from the B-17 Flying Fortress Jersey Bounce.
June 11, 1943 Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png VIII Bomber Command Mission Number 62: 252 B-17's are dispatched against the U-boat yard at Wilhelmshaven and the Cuxhaven port area. The raid on Wilhelmshaven demonstrated the difficulty of operating beyond range of fighters escort as enemy fighters attacks prevent accurate bombing of the target.[5]
November 3, 1943 Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png The 384th Bombardment Group attacked the Wilhelmshaven harbour.[1]
February 3, 1944 Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png The 384th Bombardment Group attacked the Wilhelmshaven port area.[2]
February 27/28, 1945 Eighth Air Force - Emblem (World War II).png Mission 851: 23 of 26 B-24s bombed Wilhelmshaven oil storage using a Pathfinder Force (PFF).


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