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Kermanshah's Shirin park shelter, located in Kermanshah province, in the west of Iran -- which was attacked by Iraqi forces during Iran-Iraq war

Bombing of Kermanshah's Park Shelter (in Persian: بمباران پناهگاه پارک کرمانشاه) (known as "Bombing of Kermanshah's Shirin Park Shelter" (Persian: بمباران پناهگاه پارک شیرین کرمانشاه))[1][2][3] is a bombing which was performed by the army of Ba'athist Iraq against the shelter of "Shirin park of Kermanshah",[3] on 16 March 1988.[4]

At the mentioned bombing,[5][6] Iraq also bombed the other localities of the city as well as the shelter of Shirin Park by air-to-ground missile; but bombing "Shirin Park Shelter" is considered as the most critical locality. As a result of the mentioned attack(s), 76 persons --mostly women/children-- who were in the shelter, were killed and more than 200 persons were injured.[3]

There is a book by the name of "Panahgah-e Bi-Panah" (Shelterless Shelter) (Persian: پناهگاه بی پناه), written by Mahnaz Fattahi;[7][8][9] which has proceed to the survivors memories of "Kermanshah's Shirin park shelter bombing".[10][11]

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