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Boat Force Operations Insignia - Basic
Boat Force Operations insignia - Basic
Boat Force Operations insignia - Advanced
Boat Force Operations insignia - Advanced

The Boat Force Operations insignia is intended to identify those Coast Guard personnel currently working in the boat force operations field and to recognize the commitment of Coast Guard members who have repeatedly served in the community. It is awarded in two levels and recognizes those who have achieved a level of qualification, knowledge and experience that includes both practical and operational components,with a broader understanding and appreciation for boat force command, management, support and leadership issues. The insignia may also be earned by Auxiliarists with slightly-modified criteria.

  • Basic: The basic insignia design and color scheme consists of pewter-tone waves (representative of operations), crossed boathook and oar (representative of boats), and a superimposed compass rose (representing leadership and direction).
  • Advanced (Silver-and-Gold-Toned Insignia): The advanced qualification insignia as described above except that the compass rose is a polished gold color, and the crossed boat hook and oar and the stylized waves remain silver.

Requirements for the Basic Insignia

The basic insignia can be earned by Coast Guardsmen and Auxiliarists meeting three criteria:

  • Having at least five years of cumulative service at a Boat Force field unit, such as Aids to Navigation Teams, Marine Safety Offices, or Security Response Teams. The billet must have direct and regular involvement in boat operations or boat support qualify (as determined by the commanding officer).
  • Attainment of a boat crewmember qualification code, for enlisted Coast Guardsmen, or certification letter for officers, by completing the Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS).
  • Endorsement by group commander.

Requirements for the Advanced Insignia

The Advanced Boat Force Insignia retains all of the requirements for the basic, but also requires the candidate to attain a boarding team member or boarding officer qualification code or certification letter by completing the associated PQS.

Five years of cumulative service (in a satisfactory conduct status) at Boat Force field units as defined in Commandant Instruction 1650.3 (Boat Force Operations Insignia Criteria) are required as a part of the criteria for earning the gold- and pewter-tone insignia.


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