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Biuletyn Informacyjny from 15 July 1943 informing about the death of general Władysław Sikorski and ordering a national day of mourning

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Biuletyn Informacyjny ("Information Bulletin") was a Polish weekly published covertly in occupied Poland during World War II.

It was started in November 1939 in Warsaw as the main press release of the SZP, the first underground resistance organisation in Poland. Soon it was taken over by the Armia Krajowa and the Bureau of Information and Propaganda of the Polish government. Since 1941 it had also several regional versions in all major cities of Poland, both under German and Soviet occupation. During the Warsaw Uprising it was published openly as a daily, the main press release of the Polish forces. After the capitulation of Warsaw it was published in Kraków until the dissolution of AK in January 1945.

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