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Bhushangad from the plains

Bhushangad is a hill fort in the Khatav taluk of the Satara district of Maharashtra, India. It is oval in shape, and rises 600 feet above the surrounding plain.[1] Its top is flat, and measures to be about 300 square yards in area.[2]

The fort was originally built by Singhan II(1210 - 1247 CE) of the Devagiri Yadavs,[1] with the exact date of its construction not known. However, Shivaji fortified considerably in 1676, and so it is usually attributed to him.[3] The nearest fort is 5 miles away.

The fort is home to the only temple of Harinaidevi (an incarnation of Durga), who is revered by the Kulkarnis clan. There is also a temple dedicated to Maruti.[2]

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Coordinates: 17°27′53″N 74°24′23″E / 17.4648°N 74.4063°E / 17.4648; 74.4063