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Besal Mk2
Type Light machine gun
Place of origin  United Kingdom
Service history
Used by standby design
Wars World War II
Production history
Designer H. Faulkner
Designed 1940
Manufacturer RSAF
Cartridge .303 British
Action Gas
Rate of fire 600 rpm
Feed system 30 round Bren compatible magazines
Sights Iron

The Besal, properly named "Gun, Light, Machine, Faulkner, .303-inch" was a light machine gun of British origin. The weapon was intended as an alternative to the Bren gun as it was lighter, simpler, cheaper and easier to manufacture and therefore was not dependent on the Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield which was within range of German bombers. As the threat to the supply of Brens receded, it was eventually deemed unnecessary.[1]

The design was by Henry Faulkner of Birmingham Small Arms who also manufactured the larger Besa machine gun.


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