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Benham-class destroyer
USS Benham (DD-397)
USS Benham, the lead ship of the class
Class overview
Builders: Federal Shipbuilding
Boston Navy Yard
Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
Norfolk Naval Shipyard
Charleston Navy Yard
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Operators: US flag 48 stars.svg United States Navy
Preceded by: Somers-class destroyer
Succeeded by: Sims-class destroyer
Built: 1936–1939
In commission: 1939–1946
Completed: 10
Lost: 2
Retired: 8
General characteristics
Type: Destroyer
Displacement: 1,500 tons (standard)
2,350 tons (full load)
Length: 340 ft 9 in (103.86 m)
Beam: 35 ft 6 in (10.82 m)
Draught: 13 ft 3 in (4.04 m)
Propulsion: 3 Boilers
2 Westinghouse Turbines:
50,000 shp (37 KW)
Speed: 37.7 knots (75 km/h)
Complement: 16 officers
235 enlisted

Ten Benham-class destroyers were commissioned into United States Navy during 1938 and 1939. Much of their design is based upon the previous Gridley- and Bagley-class destroyers. Two of the class were lost during World War II, three would be scrapped in 1947, while the remaining five ships would be scuttled after being contaminated from the atomic bomb tests in the Pacific.

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