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Peiking – Hankow Railway Operation
Part of the Second Sino-Japanese War
DateAugust – December 1937
Result Japanese victory
 Empire of Japan, North China Area Army, 1st Army, 2nd Army Taiwan China, National Revolutionary Army
Commanders and leaders
Japan Hisaichi Terauchi,
Japan Kiyoshi Katsuki,
Japan Toshizō Nishio
Taiwan Chang Kai-shek,
Taiwan Liu Chih,
Taiwan Shang Zhen,
Taiwan Tang Enbo
? ?
Casualties and losses
? ?

The Japanese 京漢線作戦 or Peiking–Hankou Railway Operation (Mid August – Dec. 1937) was a follow up operation to the Peiking Tientsin Operation of the Japanese army in North China at the beginning of the 2nd Sino-Japanese War. The Japanese advanced to the south along the Beiping–Hankou Railway toward the Yellow River.

Order of Battle Peiking – Hankou Railway Operation

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