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Active 1932 - 1945
Country  Nazi Germany
Allegiance Axis
Branch Flag of the Schutzstaffel.svg Schutzstaffel
Role Body guards
Size regiment

Begleitkommando-SS were elite SS bodyguards created to provide close security protection for high-ranking members of the Nazi Party and visiting state dignitories. [1]


The Begleitkommando-SS was formed in 1932 to provide general protection to Adolf Hitler and other party functionaries. A smaller eight-man team called the SS-Begleitkommando des Führers protected Hitler as he travelled around Germany. The Begleitkommando-SS, which cooperated with other agencies providing security, such as the Ordnungspolizei and Gestapo, handled all inner security requirements whereas outer protection was handled by general SS units.[2]

In 1934 the Führerschutzkommando replaced the Begleitkommando for protection throughout Germany. The entire group then became part of the Reichssicherheitsdienst (Reich Security Service) or RSD on August 1, 1935.


  • Bodo Gelzeleuchter (1932 - 1933)
  • SS-Sturmhauptführer Willy Herzberger (1933)
  • SS-Sturmführer Kurt Gildisch (1933 - 1934)
  • SS-Obersturmführer Bruno Gesche (1934 - 1945)
  • SS-Untersturmführer Franz Schädle (1945)

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