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Bazalt is a weapons manufacturing company in Russia that took over or continued the production of weapons such as the RPG-7 after the collapse of the Soviet Union and today manufactures the RPG-7V2 and the RPG-29.

From the English page of the company website:

"The Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Research and Production Enterprise "Bazalt" founded in 1938 as an independent organization is one of recognized world leaders in designing and developing all types of aircraft bombs, anti-tank and anti-saboteur marine grenade launcher complexes, mortar shells of all types and calibers and other kinds of ammunition.

According to foreign sources, the ammunition developed by FSUE "SRPE "Bazalt" is in service with the armed forces of over 80 countries of the world. Licences for production of 61 kinds of ammunition were transferred to 11 countries of the world.

During its time the community of the Enterprise created more than 700 models of ammunition which were used by the army. On April, 2003 "SRPE"Bazalt", according to the arrangement of President and the Committee of the Russian Federation in military-technical collaboration with foreign states, obtained a right to export military produce such as spare parts, aggregates and to lead works of technical maintenance and repair over the military production. Invite to work conjointly.

On 27 May 2003, according to the order of President of the Russian Federation the personnel of the enterprise was announced gratitude for great contribution to special-purpose equipment development.

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