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Battle of the Palm Grove
Part of the Iraq War
Date10 September 2010 - 13 September 2010
LocationDiyala, Iraq
Result Strategically inconclusive, Tactical insurgent victory
 United States
Iraq Iraqi Security Forces
Iraq Iraqi Insurgency
200 Iraqi soldiers and police
American helicopters and some ground troops
Between 15 and 25 insurgents
Casualties and losses
5-11 killed, 13-22 wounded (Iraqi security forces),
2 wounded (US Army)
All escaped

The Battle of the Palm Grove (10 September 2010 - 13 September 2010) took place during the Iraq War when elements of the Second Advise and Assist Brigade (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), 25th ID of the US Army supported 200 Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police in a search and sweep operation against 15-25 insurgents planting IEDs in Hudaidy, Diyala Province.

During the fighting, Apache attack helicopters and Air Force F-16 fighters were called in. The fighter jets dropped two 500-lb. bombs, but it seemed to no effect. After three days of clashes, the insurgent force managed to withdraw without suffering any casualties, while up to 33 members of the Iraqi security forces were killed or wounded and even two U.S. soldiers were also injured.

The battle showed the continuing struggle of the Iraqi security forces with their abilities to take control of the security in the country, without the U.S. military. In the words of an Iraqi lieutenant, If it wasn't for the American air support and artillery we would never have dreamed of entering that orchard. It was also the last major battle of the war involving U.S. forces against insurgent elements.

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