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Battle of Lys
Part of the Invasion of Belgium of World War II
16May-21May1940-Fall Gelb.svg
Date23–28 May 1940
Locationregion of Kortrijk (Southwest Flanders), Belgium and Northern-France
51°3′18″N 3°44′3″E / 51.055°N 3.73417°E / 51.055; 3.73417Coordinates: 51°3′18″N 3°44′3″E / 51.055°N 3.73417°E / 51.055; 3.73417

German victory

  • Belgian surrender on 28 May
 Nazi Germany
Commanders and leaders
Belgium Leopold III Nazi Germany Walter von Reichenau
Nazi Germany Georg von Küchler
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
3,000 killed 1,500 killed

The Battle of the Lys (French language: Bataille de la Lys, Dutch language: Leieslag ) was a major battle between Belgian and German forces during the German Invasion of Belgium of 1940. The battle was named after the river Leie (known as Lys in French), where the battlefield was situated (in Belgium and in Northern-France).


In the Albertpark in the citycentre of Kortrijk, the Battle of the Lys is commemorated every year near the Monument of the Lys.

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