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Battle of the House in the Horseshoe
Part of the American Revolutionary War
DateJuly 29 or August 5, 1781
LocationMoore County, North Carolina
Result Loyalist victory
 British Loyalists United States North Carolina Patriots
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Great Britain Colonel David Fanning United States Colonel Phillip Alston[1]

The Battle of the House in the Horseshoe was a minor engagement during the American Revolution between loyalist militia under the command of David Fanning and patriot militia under the command of Phillip Alston, the owner of the House in the Horseshoe. The battle, which took place on either July 29 or August 5, 1781 (with July 29 being the most accepted date),[2] ended in a victory for the loyalists.[1] The surrender terms between the combatants were negotiated by Alston's wife on behalf of the patriots, and by Fanning for the loyalists.[3]


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