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Battle of the Gulf of Oman
Part of Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1538–1557)
Cannon of Suleyman founded by Mohammed ibn Hamza in 1530 1531 for a Turkish invasion of India taken in the capture of Aden in 1839 by Cap H Smith of HMS Volage with inscriptions.jpg

Ottoman artillery pieces
Date10 to 25 August 1554
LocationGulf of Oman
Result Portuguese victory
Flag Portugal (1521).svg Portuguese Empire Ottoman Navy1453-1789.svg Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Fernando de Meneses
Antão de Noronha
Piri Reis
6 galleons
6 caravels
25 fustas
1200 men
25 galleys
1000 men[1]
Casualties and losses
Few 6 galleys captured
2 sunk
7 galleys destroyed under Portuguese orders

The Battle of the Gulf of Oman was a naval battle between a large Portuguese armada under Antão de Noronha and the Ottoman Indian fleet under Piri Reis. The campaign was a miserable failure for the Ottomans and nearly all but 2 of their vessels were lost.


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Coordinates: 25°00′00″N 58°00′00″E / 25°N 58°E / 25; 58

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