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Battle of the Berlengas
Part of Portuguese Restoration War
Forte das Berlengas (2).jpg
Fort of São João Baptista
Date28 June to 1 July 1666
LocationBerlengas archipelago, Portugal
Result Spanish victory, fort taken and destroyed.[1]
 Portugal  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Portugal António Avelar Pessoa Spain Diego Ibarra
28 men[2] 15 ships[3]
1,500 men[4]
Casualties and losses
1 man killed
4 men wounded
9 artillery pieces captured
11 men killed, 30 wounded[5]

The Battle of Berlengas was fought in 1666, between the Portuguese defenders of the Fort São João Baptista and a Spanish fleet commanded by Diego de Ibarra. The fleet, which had destroyed Portuguese fisheries, bombarded towns and cut off supplies in one month as part of a brilliant journey, proceeded to storm the fort on the Berlingas.[6] The fort was destroyed and all of the garrison were captured.[7]

The fort was rebuilt more than one hundred years ago after the battle had occurred.[Clarification needed]


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Coordinates: 39°25′12″N 9°30′00″W / 39.42°N 9.50°W / 39.42; -9.50

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