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Battle of Zusmarshausen
Part of Thirty Years' War
Date17 May 1648
LocationZusmarshausen, near Augsburg (present-day Germany)
Result Franco-Swedish victory
 Kingdom of France
 Holy Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Sweden Carl Gustaf Wrangel
Kingdom of France Vicomte de Turenne
Holy Roman Empire Raimondo Montecuccoli
Holy Roman Empire Jost Maximilian von Bronckhorst-Gronsfeld
Holy Roman Empire Peter Melander Graf von Holzappel
14,500 infantry
7,500 French troops[1]
8150 infantry
7,200 cavalry[1]
Casualties and losses
500[1] 2,000[1]

The Battle of Zusmarshausen was fought on 17 May 1648 between the Holy Roman Empire and Sweden and France (led by Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne, Vicomte de Turenne in the modern Augsburg district of Bavaria, Germany. The Swedish-French force was victorious, and the Imperial army barely escaped annihilation.

The French army, led by Condé, first captured several pieces of artillery, before they met up with the Swedish army. When the armies met, they numbered about 22,000 men, while the Empire had 15,350 men[1]

This battle was one of the last fought in the Thirty Years' War; its consequences were the weakening of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Holy Roman Empire and signalled the rise of France as the most powerful state of Europe.


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