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The Battle of Westbroek was a battle that occurred on December 26, 1481 between the armies of the prince-bishopric of Utrecht and the county of Holland. It was one of the last battles of the Hook and Cod wars. That war had already been decided in Holland in favour of the Cods and their Burgundian allies. But in Utrecht, they had lost the power, when Bishop David of Burgundy, who had ruled Utrecht since 1456, was chased there after the outbreak of the Second Utrecht Civil War. On December 26, 1481, David sent an army of 4-5000 men from Holland in the direction of Utrecht. When they reached the village of Westbroek, they burnt the village to the ground and killed all the inhabitants.

When this news reached Utrecht, an armed mob headed towards Westbroek to take revenge. But when they saw the size of the army of the enemy, they fled back to the city. The Hollanders pursued them and killed everybody they could. No mercy was given and some 1500 Utrechters are said to have been slain.

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