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The Battle of West Suiyuan (Chinese: Chinese: 绥西战役) was fought from January – February 1940, as part of the Chinese 1939 Winter Offensive.


In 1937 the Chinese government picked up intelligence that the Japanese planned a puppet Hui Muslim country around Suiyuan and Ningxia, and had sent agents to the region.[1]

The Japanese planned to invade Ningxia from Suiyuan in 1939 and create a Hui Muslim puppet state. The next year in 1940, the Japanese were defeated militarily by the Kuomintang Muslim General Ma Hongbin, who caused the plan to collapse. Ma Hongbin's Hui Muslim troops launched further attacks against Japan in the Battle of West Suiyuan.[2][3]

Muslim Generals Ma Hongkui and Ma Hongbin defended west Suiyuan, especially in Wuyuan in 1940 against the Japanese. Ma Hongbin commanded the 81st corps and had heavy casualties, but eventually repulsed the Japanese and defeated them.[4]


Coordinates: 40°48′38″N 111°39′07″E / 40.8106°N 111.652°E / 40.8106; 111.652

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