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Battle of Vijaya
Part of Cham-Đại Việt War (1367-1396)
Date1377 (Vietnam lunar calendar: 24 January)
LocationVijaya (today is Nhơn Hậu, An Nhơn district, Bình Định province, Việt Nam)

Champa victory

  • Champa executed a counter-offensive after that to Đại Việt
Đại Việt Champa
Commanders and leaders

Trần Duệ Tông
Đỗ Lễ
Nguyễn Lạp Hòa
Phạm Huyền Linh
Trần Húc  Surrendered

Lê Quý Ly
Po Binasuor
120.000 unknown
Casualties and losses
~ 85.000 - 95.000 unknown

Battle of Vijaya (Vietnamese language: trận Đồ Bàn) was in year 1377 between Đại Việt and kingdom of Champa at Champa's capital, Vijaya. Result of battle is the defeat of Vietnamese and attendant death of the Trần Duệ Tông, emperor of Đại Việt.[1]

After battle[]

Death of Trần Duệ Tông is a great turning point for Trần dynasty and Đại Việt. Po Binasuor attack to the north, Vietnamese effort to stop them but their capital Thăng Long fall. Next emperor Trần Phế Đế just know that Trần Nghệ Tông and Lê Qúy Ly abandoned Thăng Long to run away.


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