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Battle of Van Creek
Part of the American Revolutionary War
DateFebruary 11, 1779
LocationElberton, Georgia
Result Loyalist victory
 United States Kingdom of Great Britain Loyalists
Commanders and leaders
William Baskins
John Miller
John Boyd
100 Militia 600 Militia
Casualties and losses
1 Killed
15 Wounded
17 Captured
Unknown, perhaps 100 Killed, Wounded and Captured

The Battle of Van Creek was a minor engagement on February 11, 1779, near Elberton, Georgia, during the American Revolutionary War. Patriot milita sought to stop a Loyalist force from crossing the Savannah River to rendezvous with a British force which had recently captured Augusta, Georgia. The Loyalist force was able to flank and defeat the Patriot militia, but suffered its own defeat a few days later at the Battle of Kettle Creek.[1][2]


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