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Battle of Vaasa
Part of Finnish War
Date25–26 June 1808
LocationVaasa, Finland
Result Russian victory
Sweden Sweden Russia Russia
Commanders and leaders
Sweden Johan Bergenstråhle Russia Demidoff
1,200 2,500
Casualties and losses
272 172

The Battle of Vasa was fought between Sweden and Russia during the Finnish War 1808-09.

While the Swedish army was celebrating its victory at Nykarleby, another Swedish force, led by Johan Bergenstråhle, landed in Vaasa. Adlercreutz had forgot about this landing and didn't send any troops to help Bergenstråhle. The Swedes, numbering about 1,200, landed just outside Vaasa, but the Russians, strengthened by th arrival of the retreating Russian main army turned out to be too strong. About 1,000 men managed to retreat northwards after some harsh street battles. The Swedes then joined up with the Swedish main force in Nykarleby. The Swedish commander Bergenstråhle was captured by the Russians.

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