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Battle of Udgir
Part of Seven Years' War
DateFebruary 1760
LocationUdgir, Maharashtra, India
Result Decisive Maratha victory
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg Maratha Empire

Mughal Empire

  • Nizam of Hyderabad
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svgSadashivrao Bhau Nizam Ali

The Marathas under the command of Sadashivrao Bhau defeated the Nizam's army at Udgir.[1][2]


Following the recall of French governor Marquis de Bussy-Castelnau to Pondicherry in 1758, Nizam Ali was handed over complete power from his brother Salabat Jung.[1]


Sadashivrao marched east against Salabat Jang and utterly destroyed the Nizam's army.[2]


The Marathas defeated the Nizam's forces with the latter surrendering territory worth 60 lakhs including the cities of Ahmadnagar, Daultabad, Burhanpur and Bijapur.[1] Following the battle, the Marathas turned North to combat an Afghan force.[2]

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