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Battle of Trebbia
Part of the French Revolutionary Wars
Suvorov Trebbia.jpg
Russian painting by Aleksandr E. Kotsebu (Коцебу)
Date17–19 June 1799
LocationTrebbia River, present-day Italy
Result Russian-Austrian victory
France French Republic Russia Russian Empire
Holy Roman Empire Habsburg Austria
Commanders and leaders
Étienne Macdonald Aleksandr Suvorov
36,000 (initially 25,000) 22,000 Russians & Austrians
Casualties and losses
6,000 killed, 12,000 wounded and prisoners 900 killed, 4,300 wounded

The Battle of Trebbia or the Napoleonic battle of river Trebbia was fought on 17–20 June 1799 near the Trebbia River in northern Italy during the joint campaign of the Russian and Austrian troops of about 30,000 men against the French army of 33,000 to 35,000 men. The battle resulted in the victory of the combined forces of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Russian Empire under Field Marshal Suvorov against the French army under General Etienne-Jacques-Joseph-Alexandre MacDonald. According to the Russian sources, French lost 16,000 men, and the allies’ only 6,000 men. The numbers however, might differ from contemporary western sources.[1]


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