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Battle of Toulouse
LocationToulouse, France
Result Roman victory
Visigoths Western Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Theodoric II Majorian
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Toulouse was fought between the Visigoths and the Western Roman Empire in 458. The battle was part of a great mid-winter expedition made across the alps by Emperor Majorian, taking a large army from Italy into Gaul with the goal of restoring the region to Roman rule after the disastrous reign of Avitus. Majorian and the Visigothic king Theodoric II fought a battle at Toulouse, in which the Visigoths were defeated. Majorian thereafter secured the cooperation of the Visigoths against the Suebi in Spain. However, fighting resumed, and Theodoric was finally defeated at Orleans in 463.


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