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Battle of Tornow
Part of the Pomeranian War (Seven Years' War)
Date26 September 1758
Locationnear Tornow, Germany
Result Prussian victory
Kingdom of Prussia Prussia Sweden Sweden
Commanders and leaders
General von Wedel
6,000 600
Casualties and losses
800 100

The Battle of Tornow was part of the Seven Years War and was fought between the forces of Prussia and Sweden on 26 September 1758.

The Prussians sent 6,000 men, led by general Wedel to protect Berlin. Wedel attacked aggressively and let his cavalry attack a Swedish force of some 600 men at Tornow. The Swedes were fighting bravely, and fought off six assaults, but the majority of the Swedish cavalry was lost, and the Swedish infantry had to retreat before the stronger Prussian forces.

The Prussian-Swedish battles continued at the Battle of Fehrbellin (1758) on 28 September.


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Coordinates: 53°3′45″N 13°17′27″E / 53.0625°N 13.29083°E / 53.0625; 13.29083

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