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The Battle of Tierra Blanca was fought during the Mexican Revolution. It took place about 35 miles (56 km) south of Ciudad Juárez.[1] It was a major victory for Francisco "Pancho" Villa over the forces of José Inés Salazar, commander of the forces loyal to Victoriano Huerta.

The two armies were of relatively equal numbers, but Salazar's federal troops were in theory more disciplined, and had more artillery. The battle began on 23 November 1913.

The first day saw fairly indecisive fighting. On the second day, Villa's cavalry overwhelmed Salazar's troops. This, combined with Rodolfo Fierro's mission to explode armaments behind the line, caused Salazar's forces to collapse.


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Coordinates: 18°27′25″N 96°20′52″W / 18.45694°N 96.34778°W / 18.45694; -96.34778

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