Battle of Tepe

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Battle of Tepe
Part of the Kamerun Campaign in World War I
Date25 August 1914
LocationTepe, German Kamerun
Result Minor British victory

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg British Empire

  • Flag of British Colonial Nigeria.svg British Nigeria

Flag of the German Empire.svg Germany

  • Flag of Deutsch-Kamerun.svg German Kamerun
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Colonel MacLear
Units involved
West African Frontier Force
Casualties and losses
5 officers [1]

The Battle of Tepe (or Tebe) on 25 August 1914 was the first skirmish between German and British forces during the Kamerun Campaign in of the First World War. The conflict took place on the border between British Nigeria and German Kamerun, ending in British victory and German withdrawal from the station.


On 4 August 1914, Britain declared war on the German Empire at the beginning of the First World War. On 8 August, a mounted detachment from the West African Frontier Force embarked from Kano in northern British Nigeria towards the German colony of Kamerun.[2] These first British forces crossed the border into German territory on 25 August.


British cavalry came into contact with German forces at the border station at Tepe on the Benue River on 25 August. After fierce fighting German forces withdrew and the British occupied the station.[1] Few casualties resulted from this battle. The British occupation of the station gave their forces the opportunity to push further east to the German stronghold at Garua. The British were defeated in their attempt to take the forts there at the First Battle of Garua only days after the conflict at Tepe.


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Coordinates: 9°20.47′N 12°52.39′E / 9.34117°N 12.87317°E / 9.34117; 12.87317

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