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Battle of Tacuarembó
Part of Luso-Brazilian invasion
Date22 January 1820
LocationTacuarembó, Uruguay
Result Portuguese victory
Anexation of Uruguay by Portugal
Flag United Kingdom Portugal Brazil Algarves.svg Portuguese Empire Banda Oriental
Commanders and leaders
José de Castelo Branco Correia, Count of Figueira Andrés Latorre
Pantaleón Sotelo
3,000 men 2,000 men
Casualties and losses
1 killed
5 wounded
800 killed
500 wounded
5400 horses captured

The Battle of Tacuarembó was a battle between the Portuguese forces under the Count of Figueira, José de Castelo Branco Correia, and the Artiguist forces of Andrés Latorre in Tacuarembó, modern-day Uruguay. The encounter resulted in a catastrophe for the Artiguist army. Indeed, out of 2,000 men, 800 were killed and 500 were wounded, while the Portuguese only had 6 casualties (1 soldier killed and 5 wounded). Due to the complete anihalation of Latorre's forces, the battle was a severe blow to the independentist cause and determined Portugal's victory in the war.

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