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Battle of Strömstad
Part of Great Northern War
Suecia 3-117 ; Strömstad.jpg
Strömstad in the beginning of the 18th century
DateJuly 8, 1717 (O.S.)
July 9, 1717 (Swedish calendar)
July 19, 1717 (N.S.)
LocationStrömstad, Sweden
Result Swedish victory
Naval Ensign of Sweden.svg Swedish Empire Denmark Denmark–Norway
Commanders and leaders
Johan Giertta Peder Tordenskjold
1,800 men around 4,000 men
3 ships of the line
2 prams
9 galleys
20 landing craft
Casualties and losses
19 killed
173 wounded
96 killed
246 wounded

The Battle of Strömstad took place on July 19, 1717 at Strömstad during the Great Northern War. The Swedish army of about 1,800 men under the command of Johan Giertta defeated the Danish fleet of several larger vessels and perhaps 4,000 men under Peder Tordenskjold. Peter tried to destroy the stocks of supplies Sweden had gathered for the upcoming invasion of Norway. In the battle about 200 Swedes were either dead or wounded and about 350 Danes.


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