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Battle of Staouéli
Part of French conquest of Algeria
Attaque d Alger par la mer 29 Juin 1830 par Theodore Gudin.jpg
French attack against Algeria in 1830 by Theodore Gudin
Date18 June 1830 – 19 June 1830[1]
LocationStaouéli, Ottoman Algeria
36°00′00″N 2°00′00″E / 36°N 2°E / 36; 2
Result Decisive French victory
Kingdom of France Flag of Ottoman Algiers.svg Regency of Algiers
Commanders and leaders
Hussein Dey
37000 soldiers 15000 soldiers
Casualties and losses

500 dead 100 wounded

or 400 dead, 200 wounded

3,000 dead

4,000 wounded

Battle of Staoueli (18 June 1830 – 19 June 1830), was a battle between the Kingdom of France and the Regency of Algiers in western Algiers while France was trying to take control over the capital.[1]


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