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Battle of Shiojiritoge
Part of the Sengoku period
LocationShiojiritoge, Shinano Province
Result Takeda victory
forces of Takeda Shingen forces of Ogasawara Nagatoki
Commanders and leaders
Takeda Shingen Ogasawara Nagatoki

The 1548 battle of Shiojiritoge was one of many battles fought by Takeda Shingen in his bid to conquer Japan's Shinano Province. It took place soon after Shingen suffered a devastating loss in the battle of Uedahara; he sought revenge, and to return to a string of victories.

Shingen launched a surprise attack upon Ogasawara Nagatoki's camp, using only a small rapid strike mounted force. Approaching in the night and attacking at dawn, Shingen caught his enemy unprepared, taking the camp as Ogasawara's men grabbed their armor and swords.

This battle was one of many which serve as examples of Takeda Shingen's expertise and specialty in using cavalry to maximum effect.


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