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Battle of Shallow Ford
Part of the American Revolutionary War
DateOctober 14, 1780
LocationHuntsville, North Carolina, USA
Result Patriot victory
United States Patriot militia Kingdom of Great Britain Loyalist militia
Commanders and leaders
United States Col. Joseph Williams Kingdom of Great Britain Col. Gideon Wright
300 600
Casualties and losses
1 killed 14 killed

The Battle of Shallow Ford was an American Revolution skirmish that took place on October 14, 1780 in Huntsville, North Carolina. A company of 600 Loyalist militia, led by Colonel Gideon Wright and his brother Captain Hezikiah Wright, were attempting to cross the Yadkin River to join General Cornwallis in Charlotte. Colonel Joseph Williams gathered 300 Patriot militia and laid an ambush at the ford.

A short battle followed, with the Patriot forces winning decisively. The Loyalist militia became scattered and fled.[1] Fifteen casualties were reported, fourteen Loyalists and one Patriot, Henry Francis, a captain in the Virginia militia. A tombstone at the site of the skirmish honors Francis.[2] The Big Poplar Tree, a landmark at the site, is believed to have been shot out during the battle.[3]

The battle shares its name with a play written by Ed Simpson, a native of nearby Lewisville.


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