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Battle of Sarsa
Part of Mughal-Sikh Wars
DateDecember 1704
LocationNear river sarsa
Result Mughals and hilly rajas retreated from the battle-field because they suffered heavy casualties and their retreat resulted in Sikh victory
Nishan Sahib.svg Guru Gobind Singh's Sikhs Flag of the Mughal Empire (triangular).svg Mughal Empire
Rajas of the Sivalik Hills
Commanders and leaders
Nishan Sahib.svg Panj Piare Flag of the Mughal Empire (triangular).svgWazir Khan
Flag of the Mughal Empire (triangular).svgRaja Ajmer chand
300-400 10000-12000

Battle of Sarsa was fought between Khalsa and Mughal Empire. The battle ended with the retreat of Mughal forces from the battle field.

On 6 December, Mughals and hilly kings sent a letter to Guru Gobind Singh in which they sweared to Quran and cow respectively, that if Guru and his Sikhs vacate the fort of Anandpur, the Mughals and hilly kings would not attack them. They would be given safe passage if they vacate the fort. Under a peace treaty Guru Gobind Singh along with Sikhs left the fort on the night of 6 December 1704. When the Sikhs reached near River Sarsa, they were attacked by a large army of Mughals and hilly kings. The Mughals broke their oaths and attacked Guru's forces. A fiercing battle took place near river sarsa. River Sarsa was flooded very heavily that night. Sikhs reacted with great courage and bravery to this sudden attack. Both the sides faced casualties. Guru Gobind Singh along with some Sikhs managed to cross the river and Mughals and hilly kings retreat from the battle field. The battle took place near River Sarsa so it is called Battle of Sarsa.


Those Sikhs who managed to cross the river went to Chamkaur a village.

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