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Battle of Sarıkamış
Part of Turkish-Armenian War
DateSeptember 29, 1920
LocationSarıkamış (present-day Kars Province, Turkey)
Result Turkish victory
Armenia First Republic of Armenia Grand National Assembly
Commanders and leaders
Armenia Simon Vratsian
Armenia Dr. Artashes Babalian
Kâzım Karabekir
Osman Nuri Koptagel
Halit Karsıalan
2,500 infantry,
400 cavalry,
70 machine guns and 18 cannons[1]
Elements of the 12th division[1]

The Battle of Sarıkamış was a conflict between the First Republic of Armenia and the Eastern Front of the Army of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey which was on September 29, 1920 at Sarıkamış.


In late September 1920, the Armenians started several attacks against the Turkish forces in the area. On 24 September, an Armenian force of at least 800 men, supported with 9 machine guns, started an unsuccessful attack against the weak Turkish entrenchments in Bardız Şenkaya.[2] The attack was repulsed and it had cost them 47 killed and several wounded.[2] Additionally 2 machine guns and ammunition were captured by the Turks. The Turks suffered 8 killed and 10 wounded during the attack.[2] These attacks gave the Turkish commanders an insight on Armenian military capabilities.

Active Stage

The Turkish forces quickly defeated the Armenian troops in the town. The remaining Armenian forces retreated to the Kötek-Selim-Göle line and stayed there until 30 September.[1]


By September 29, Karabekir's forces had retaken Sarıkamış and the following day Kağızman.


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