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For the battle during the Texas Revolution see: Battle of San Jacinto

Battle of San Jacinto
Part of the Philippine-American War
DateNovember 11, 1899
LocationSan Jacinto, Pangasinan, Philippines
Result U.S. victory
 United States  First Philippine Republic
Commanders and leaders
United States Loyd Wheaton First Philippine Republic Manuel Tinio
Casualties and losses
21 134

The Battle of San Jacinto was a battle during the Philippine-American War fought on November 11, 1899, in San Jacinto, Pangasinan, Philippines, between the Filipinos and the United States.


During the fall of 1899, General Elwell S. Otis began a three-pronged offensive against the Filipinos north of Manila. General Arthur MacArthur's 2nd Division was moving north along the railroad running out of Manila, General Henry W. Lawton's 1st Division moved up the Pampanga River against San Isidro. The third expedition would be led by General Loyd Wheaton, commander of the 1st Brigade, 2nd Division. Wheaton's brigade was detached and landed at San Fabian on Lingayen Gulf. Defeating the Filipinos, Wheaton moved inland behind the main enemy forces.


On November 11, he encountered another force at the town of San Jacinto. U.S. forces routed the Filipinos and inflicted heavy casualties at a relatively low cost to themselves. From there Wheaton was able to join forces with MacArthur's division near the town of Dagupan.


These combined offensives destroyed the Filipinos as an effective fighting force. Wheaton and General Theodore Schwan defeated the Filipinos in the Cavite province in February 1900, and the war effectively turned into guerrilla fighting but the war was far from over.

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