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Battle of Apósteles
Part of Luso-Brazilian invasion
LocationSan Carlos, Argentina
Result Decisive Portuguese victory
Flag United Kingdom Portugal Brazil Algarves.svg Portuguese Empire Misiones Province
Commanders and leaders
Francisco das Chagas Santos Andrés Guazurary
800 men
2 artillery pieces
Casualties and losses
Unknown Nearly all men killed

The Battle of San Carlos was a battle between the Portuguese forces under Francisco das Chagas Santos and the Misionero forces led by Andrés Guazurary, popularly known as Andresito, in San Carlos, modern-day Argentina.

After having been defeated by Andresito on the previous year, Portuguese commander Francisco das Chagas Santos prepared for a new military campaign against the Misioneros, with a force of 800 men and 2 artillery pieces. After taking the chapel of San Alonso, Chagas headed for the Mission of San Carlos, where the independentist forces led by Andresito and Serapio Rodriguez awaited the Portuguese.

After days of very intense fighting, the Portuguese managed to control most of the town and push Andresito's men to San Carlos' church and college, in which heavy fighting continued to occur, while they expected for reinforcements to come. However, the column of Captain Arand that had the objective of helping the rebels was attacked by the Portuguese and crushed, having its commander been killed. On the third day of battle, the buildings in which the rebels were caught fire, making their situation even more desperate and forcing them into submission, even though some men, including Andresito himself, managed to escape.

The battle resulted not only in a major victory for the Portuguese, but also to the de facto elimination of Andresito's threat to them.


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