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Battle of Sabzak
Part of War in Afghanistan
DateSeptember 3–4, 2009
LocationSabzak, Province of Badghis
Result Coalition victory
Seal of the International Security Assistance Force.svg ISAF
Flag of Spain.svg Spain
Flag of Italy.svg Italy
Flag of the Taliban.svg Taliban Insurgency
Flag of the Taliban.svg Tajik Tribals
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Spain.svg Sergeant Serantes
Flag of the Taliban.svg Jamuladdin Mansoor
Flag of the Taliban.svg Ishan Khan
Casualties and losses
1 injured 13 dead
3 injured

The Battle of Sabzak was a part of the War in Afghanistan that took place between September 3 to 4, 2009, on Sabzak pass, in the province of Badghis, between Spanish and Italian forces of NATO's Afghan branch, against Taliban forces and militant Tajik tribals.

NATO ordered Spain to place a patrol on the pass, the only road supplying Qal'eh-ye and Herat after numerous attacks on military convoys throughout the summer and after the collapse of the Taliban's control on the area. Taliban mullah, Jamuladdin Mansoor, allied with Tajik tribals on both sides of the road tried to prevent passage with help from Ishan Khan.

The Spanish forces took control of the road on Monday of July 31. The insurgents reorganized themselves, starting the first battle on the 3rd of September, resulting in an injured Spanish soldier.

The next day, a convoy of 30 vehicles and 100 Spaniards oversaw the meeting between another convoy and the Afghan police for protection, but it was ambushed from four points in a planned operation. The troops retaliated, calling in aerial support. Two Italian helicopters were brought, but refused aerial bombardment due to the proximity to a civilian population. After six hours of fighting, the Taliban and their allies withdrew to the village of Marghozar.

One soldier from the Spanish contingency was injured, and two vehicles were rendered unusable. 13 insurgents had been killed, and 3 were injured.[1][2]


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