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Battle of Richmond Hill
Part of Hawkesbury and Nepean Wars
DateMay or June 1795
LocationRichmond, New South Wales, Australia
Result Kingdom of Great Britain victory
Kingdom of Great Britain Kingdom of Great Britain Darug Warriors
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Great Britain Governor John Hunter
Kingdom of Great Britain Captain William Paterson
60 marines Unknown number, possibly more than 50
Casualties and losses
Unknown Several dozen killed

The Battle of Richmond Hill also known as the Battle of the Hawkesbury, was a major battle of the Hawkesbury and Nepean Wars which was fought between the native Darug people and the New South Wales Corps which also included several armed settlers. It is considered to be the first recorded battle between Aboriginals and settlers.[1]

Clearance of the farm land by white settlers in the late 1700s depleted the food supplies of the Aboriginal people, who found themselves driven from their traditional hunting grounds. Poor relations reached a peak in 1795 when British troops were sent from Sydney with the specific intent of destroying the local Aboriginal population. Known as the Battle of Richmond Hill this event is remembered today in local events held during Reconciliation Week.

In 2010 a memorial garden was unveiled to commemorate the incident.[2]


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