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Battle of Reval
Part of the Polish-Swedish wars
DateJune 30, 1602
LocationReval, present day Estonia
Result Polish victory
Sweden Sweden Herb Rzeczypospolitej Obojga Narodow.svg Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders
Reinhold Arnep Stanisław Żółkiewski
Casualties and losses
200 killed

The Battle of Reval took place on June 30, 1602, during the Polish–Swedish War (1600–1611) near present day Tallinn in Estonia.

The Polish forces were led by Grand Field Hetman Stanisław Żółkiewski who had been sent against Swedish forces gathering by Tallinn by Grand Crown Hetman Jan Zamoyski. Żółkiewski attacked "on the march" with two squadrons of Polish hussars. The charge however was not successful. As a result the Swedish forces put up frisian horses as a protection against further frontal cavalry charges. Żółkiewski then sent light cavalry on a round about flanking maneuver which attacked the Swedes from behind, coinciding with another charge by the hussars. The Swedish lines broke as a result. The Swedes were led by Reinhold Arnep.


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