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Battle of Reimerswaal
Part of the Eighty Years' War
Date29 January 1574
Result Dutch victory
Dutch Republic Dutch Rebels  Spain
Commanders and leaders
Lodewijk van Boisot
Joos de Moor
Julián Romero
Admiral Gerard de Glymes
Unknown 75 ships
Casualties and losses
Unknown 15 ships sunk
1200 dead

The naval Battle of Reimerswaal took place on 29 January 1574 during the Eighty Years' War between a Dutch and a Spanish fleet. The Dutch were victorious.

In April 1572 the cities of Flushing, Veere and Arnemuiden, located on the island of Walcheren, swore allegiance to the Dutch prince. However, another city on the island, Middelburg, remained loyal to the king of Spain, and as a result was besieged. After more than six months' worth of food, ammunition and other materials began to run out the Spanish commander Sancho d'Avila made a second attempt to resupply the city by sea (his first attempt failed. See Battle of Borsele). On 29 January, the Spanish supply fleet encountered a Dutch naval squadron and the Spanish were completely destroyed. Middelburg surrendered nine days later.

Coordinates: 51°28′N 4°8′E / 51.467°N 4.133°E / 51.467; 4.133

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