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Battle of Randeniwela
Part of Sinhalese–Portuguese War
Date25th August 1630
LocationRandeniwela near Wellawaya[1]
Kingdom of Kandy Portuguese Empire
Commanders and leaders
Prince Mahastana
Prince Vijayapala
Constantino de Sá de Noronha
Casualties and losses
most died with 200 POWs[2]

The Battle of Randeniwela was a battle fought on 25 August 1630 in the Sinhalese–Portuguese War. It was fought between Senarat and his sons Prince Mahastana, who would later become Rajasimha II king of Kandy, and his brother Prince Vijayapala against the Portuguese forces commanded by then Governor Constantino de Sá de Noronha.[citation needed] It was fought at Randeniwela near Wellawaya, a place close the town of Badulla. The battle broke off when Constantino de Sá launched the invasion via Badulla. The scene was an important historical event, where the Portuguese, despite their superior cannon power were defeated.[citation needed]



Randeniwela Sinhaya (Lion of Randeniwela)

Dom Cosmo Wijayasekara of Brahmanawatte Balapitiya was a Portuguese captain who fought alongside the Portuguese. However, at Randeniwela he with his salagama army joined the Sinhala King and ke supposedly killed the Portuguese governor who was fighting valiantly. After the war King Senarath provided Dom Cosmo with several nindagams and gave him Katugaha Walauwa to use as his residence.

He did not have any male offspring. His daughter married (Binna) from a famous family in the area and Keppetipola Dissawa is a direct descendant of his.


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