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Battle of Pyhäjoki
Part of the Finnish War
Date16 April 1808
LocationPyhäjoki, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland
Result Russian victory
 Sweden  Russia
Commanders and leaders
Georg Carl von Döbeln Yakov Petrovich Kulnev

The Battle of Pyhäjoki was fought on 16 April 1808, at Pyhäjoki in Northern Ostrobothnia during the Russian–Swedish war of 1808–09.

The winter made the operations more difficult and the battle of Pyhäjoki became one of the first skirmishes to be fought after the Swedish retreat stopped. The Russian army had been following the Swedish army to the north. At the same time, they had left large portions of Finland to be occupied by the Russians. The battle of Pyhäjoki was quite intense, but von Döbeln ordered a retreat in order to follow the original strategic plan, which had been drawn up by Wilhelm Mauritz Klingspor.

Coordinates: 64°27′50″N 24°15′30″E / 64.46389°N 24.25833°E / 64.46389; 24.25833

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