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Battle of Pulkkila
Part of Finnish War
Date2 May 1808
LocationPulkkila, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland
Result Swedish victory
 Sweden  Russia
Commanders and leaders
Johan August Sandels Obuhov
1,500 500
Casualties and losses
75 345

The Battle of Pulkkila was fought between Swedish and Russian forces near Pulkkila in Northern Ostrobothnia on May 2, 1808 during the Finnish War.

At the battle of Pulkkila on 2 May 1808, Johan August Sandels marched eastwards to liberate those parts of Finland that were under Russian control. During the march they encountered some Russian troops at Pulkkila. Theses Russian troops were led by Obuhov. The Russians were soon surrounded and tried desperately to break out, but they were forced back to a nearby village where the Russians were defeated after some vicious fighting. The Russian commander was forced to surrender to the attacking Swedes. The Swedes then went on and retook the town of Kuopio in the middle of Finland.

Sandels' offensive was one of the most remarkable operations of the entire war. During his operations against Barclay de Tolly's troops, he captured Russian depots, constantly harassed their rear areas, and committed actions that won him respect among both friends and foes.

However, Swedish success was only temporary in the Summer Campaign 1808 and the Russian counteroffensive resulted in the Swedish retreat in late August, 1808.

Coordinates: 64°16′05″N 25°52′00″E / 64.26806°N 25.8666667°E / 64.26806; 25.8666667

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