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Battle of Pozzolo
Part of the War of the Second Coalition
Date25 December 1800
LocationTown on the Mincio River, present-day Monzambano, Italy
Result French victory
France First French Republic Holy Roman Empire Habsburg Austria
Commanders and leaders
Guillaume Brune Heinrich von Bellegarde
66,000 50,000
Casualties and losses
4,000 8,589

The Battle of Pozzolo (also known as the Battle of the Mincio River, and Monzambano) was fought on 25 December 1800 and resulted the difficult victory of French under General Brune against Austrians under General Bellegarde.

Following the armistice agreed after the Battle of Marengo the Austrians had held the line of the Mincio river. The French Army of Reserve was now commanded by Brune after Napoleon's departure for Paris. On Christmas Day 1800, he attacked the Austrian positions and broke their line. The Austrians fell back eastwards over the Adige River. Two days later the armistice was renewed.


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