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Battle of Polonka
Part of the Polish-Russian War (1658-1667)
DateJune 29, 1660
LocationPolonka, in modern Belarus
Result Polish-Lithuanian victory[citation needed]
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Muscovy
Commanders and leaders
Stefan Czarniecki
Paweł Jan Sapieha
Ivan Khovansky

15,000 troops

7 cannons

24,000 troops

60 cannons
Casualties and losses


60 cannons

The Battle of Polonka (Połonka) took place near Polonka during the Polish-Russian War (1658-1667) on June 29, 1660 between Polish-Lithuanian and Russian forces.

Polish-Lithuanian forces under Stefan Czarniecki and Paweł Jan Sapieha forced a Russian retreat through a carefully planned hussar ambush and several tactically effective flanking maneuvers[citation needed]. The Russian defeat also meant they had to abandon the siege of Lyakhavichy (Lachowicze).

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