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Battle of Pine's Bridge
Part of the American Revolutionary War
DateMay 14, 1781
LocationYorktown, New York
Result Loyalist victory
United States United States Kingdom of Great Britain New York Loyalists
Commanders and leaders
United States Christopher Greene Kingdom of Great Britain James DeLancey
200 infantry
60 Cavalry
Casualties and losses
14 killed, 30 captured unknown

The Battle of Pine's Bridge was a minor engagement during the American Revolutionary War that took place on May 14, 1781. Loyalist forces under the command of James DeLancey surprised an American defensive position held by the Rhode Island Regiment (which had a large number of African-American soldiers) on the north bank of the Croton River, killing and capturing many of the American soldiers. Colonel Christopher Greene and Major Ebenezer Flagg of the Rhode Island Regiment were killed in the action.[1] Greene and Flagg were buried at the 1st Presbyterian Church in nearby Yorktown where their graves are marked by a large monument. Near the monument is a plaque in honor of the African-American soldiers who died defending their commander.


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