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The Battle of Panchgaon was a battle in 1775 for accession of throne of the Nagpur Kingdom. It was between the brothers Mudhoji and Sabaji, occurring after the death of their brother Janoji.

The closing scene of the contest of the throne between Mudhoji and Sabaji was on the battlefield of Panchgaon, six miles south of Nagpur. The fortune of the day had declared for Sabaji, and Mudhoji was being surrounded by his brother's troops. Flushed with the fight and with victory, Sabaji drove his elephant against that on which his brother was seated, and, called on him to surrender. A pistol shot was the only reply. One brother had slain the other, and gained the undisputed regency on behalf of his infant son Raghoji II who was Janoji's adopted heir, and the title of Sena Dhurandhar.[1][2]

Mudhoji was finally able to pull himself out of this situation, when he killed Sabaji in the Battle of Panchgaon near Nagpur on 26 January 1775. Muhammad Yusuf Gardi, one of the chief assassinators of Narayanrao was present in this battle on behalf of Mudhoji.


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Coordinates: 28°18′52″N 76°53′53″E / 28.314357°N 76.898037°E / 28.314357; 76.898037

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