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Battle of Orford Ness
Part of Great Northern War
Slaget vid Orford Ness.jpg
Date27 July 1704 (Julian Calendar)
28 July 1704 (Swedish style)
7 August (Gregorian Calendar)
Location"some miles" off Orford Ness
Sweden England
Commanders and leaders
Gustaf von Psilander William Whetstone

The Battle of Orford Ness took place between a southbound Swedish convoy escorted by the Swedish warship Öland and an English squadron "some miles" off Orford Ness on 27 July 1704 (Julian Calendar). The English challenged the Swedish convoy to salute them, which the Swedes refused to do, and a four hours' battle ensued. The Swedish commander Gustaf von Psilander was captured, along with his ship, but both were later released, and returned to Sweden. However, the ship Öland went under just north of Denmark while homebound. Psilander survived however, and was later knighted for his bravery.

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