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Battle of Orbulak
Part of the Kazakh-Jungar wars
Date1643 (1643)
Locationriver Orbulak, Kazakh Khanate (South Kazakhstan)
Result Zhangir Khan defeated a superior army Erdeni Batur
Commanders and leaders
Zhangir Khan Erdeni-Batur Khontaishy



Battle of Orbulak - a battle in the Kazakh-Jungar wars in which kazahivo led Zhangir Khan Zhalantos batyr in 1643 defeated a superior army Erdeni Batur.

Tide of battle

Zhangir Khan with 600 soldiers are deeply entrenched in the valley of the river Orbulak Dzungarian Alataui waited in ambush until the arrival of the main forces of the Kazakhs in the path of an unknown number of Junggar army (by source of about 50 thousand people), headed by Erdeni-Batur.[1] Half of warriors organized obstruction in the way, and the rest spread out on the cliffs, thereby preparing an ambush dzhungar. In this battle, the Kazakhs was first massively used firearms, and in the first hours Dzungars lost many soldiers marching in front. Dzhungaria wanted to crush a small detachment of the Kazakhs. Since the beginning of the Kazakhs Jungars met with poisoned arrows. A stalemate Zhangir Khan used smoke flower sasykteke. Warriors Zhungars poisoned by smoke. Kazakh soldiers wearing masks smeared with goat butter. And it has helped them not poisoned by toxic fumes. And the soldiers were drinking poisoned milk drink mendua.


Kazakhs retained control in the Seven Rivers. Notes. The battle is known according to Ilyin and Kucheeva - Russian envoys to the Jungar huntayshi. From their report Tobolsk governor follows that Batur went to "Kazakhs Zhetisu." Kazakh historian Ville Galiev in his book "Han Zhangir and Orbulakskaya battle" indicates the location of the battle - the river Orbulak in Jungar Alatau. The battle will forever remain in the memory of the Kazakh people. During the battle, the Kazakh troops commanded: Nyman Kokserek Batyr, Shapyrashty Karasai Batyr.

The battle was re-enacted in the Taldykorgan hippodrome in course of the celebration of the 550th anniversary of the formation of the Kazakh Khanate.[2]


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