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Battle of Oosterweel
Part of the Eighty Years' War
Battle of Oosterweel.jpg
Battle of Oosterweel (1567).
DateMarch 13, 1567
LocationNear Antwerp (present-day Belgium)
Result Spanish victory
Dutch Rebels Spain Spain
Commanders and leaders
Jan de Marnix van Aldegonde De Beauvoir
2,500 1,000
Casualties and losses
700–800 dead Unknown

The Battle of Oosterweel took place on March 13, 1567, and is traditionally seen as the beginning[1] of the Eighty Years' War. The battle was fought near the village of Oosterweel, north of Antwerp. A Spanish professional army under General Beauvoir defeated an army of radical Calvinists rebels under Jan de Marnix.

The prisoners were considered rebels and all were killed. Some 700-800 Protestants died.

William the Silent, the Burggraaf of Antwerp, did not allow the Protestants of the city to come to their aid, because he, as lord of the city, was bound by oath to support the Spanish King.


  1. ^ The Dutch people typically view Louis of Nassau's surprise victory at Heiligerlee in 1568 as the first true battle of the Eighty Years' War.

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